Harvestime Bible Academy

We provide Bible Study with no academic qualifications required, for whom just
wanting to learn to expand your knowledge of the Christian faith…

EMHBA is the basic Bible studies for the ones who want to have a career as a minister
or as lay group leader, we recommend Footsteps Of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy
visit Footsteps-of-Jesus Seminary page

Remember always free online

The In Classes

  • Courses take place at 19:30 (7.30 pm) on evenings, once a week, annually, from
    September to May.
  • Each course costs 55.00$ or 40.00$ for members.

For inquiries, please contact us

Our personal background is United Baptist
We work interdenominational at our Bible Academy and Chaplaincy Ministry.

Purpose for EMHBA

Our main purpose is to help any who ask to find their spiritual truth, regardless of race, gender, including other faith affiliations (Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc.).

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