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Canadian Clergies searching for the right partners to plant a Christian Church in the USA.

Partners need to have

  1. maturity,
  2. open-minded,
  3. honesty & integrity a must,
  4. a sense of humour,
  5. self-awareness,
  6. decisiveness,
  7. fairness,
  8. enthusiasm,
  9. knowledge of church administration a plus but not necessary,
  10. creative and Imaginative,
  11. endurance,
  12. adhering to principles with clear biblical origins.

Someone who can start a spiritual group, a great sense of commitment, and can do small financial support and with no criminal record.

Open to pastors and elders also wannabe. Someone who can seek the Lord for guidance regularly and prayerfully.

Please send your suggestions and information to


(Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash)
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