What to know about us


Seminary and Bible Academy under Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry. Our role as a virtual seminar is to educate students. EMMI is committed to offering a rigorous academic experience. We challenge our students to work hard as they develop knowledge, skills, and critical thinking as they embrace the opportunity of a Christian education.



Or the hierarchy order

  1. EMMI: Eric Michel Ministries International is the organization
  2. RTTM: Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry, is one of the ministries of EMMI.
  3. Footsteps of Jesus and Bible Academy: is the name of the Seminary that train minister for our chaplaincy and a Bible Academy for the ones who like to know more informed in the Christian faith. The seminary is managed by RTTM.
  4. EMMI HARVESTIME BIBLE ACADEMY is a free Bible course mainly online






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